Penney Block

408-412 South Main Street

James and Donna Marckel purchased the south half of Lot 14 in the Findlay Addition from Montant Corporation November 3, 1995. Formerly this had been the site of the Ben Franklin Variety Store since 1984. In 2007, the Marckels ended the Franklin franchise and renamed the store to Gaslight Gifts. They sell not only variety store essentials, but also upscale gift and decorating items. (The north part of this two-story block is actually the south half of the building to the north.)
HISTORY: In 1836, a small building stood here and was the site of the Findlay Daily Courier newspaper. This larger block, built in 1867 by J. L. Goucher and C. Hassler, was sold to F. B. Zay April 15, 1871. Mr. Zay sold the block to The American National Bank in 1897. In 1909, it was purchased by jeweler and optician, Emmor L. Entrikin. In 1923, Mr. Entrikin leased his building to the J. C. Penney Company—its 489th store. The original Penney store opened in February 1924, after extensive remodeling, including new fixtures plus a balcony built for their offices in the rear. In 1929, the store leased the room to the south at 412 South Main Street, and removed the partition between the two buildings to create one large room. In 1963, Penny’s moved to the new Findlay Mall, east of town, as an anchor store.

J. C. Penney Company—1924-1962

Divided by a River