Baker/May Building

414 South Main Street

The new Morey’s Coffee and Book Store opened April 23, 2007. Jason and Stephanie McClelland purchased the building from James and Donna Marckel October 13, 2006 and have completely remodeled the interior from its former décor as a retail establishment. The interior features a contemporary style. The walls are painted black which emphasizes the numerous large prints of downtown buildings. There is a large screen television in an inviting area to relax, enjoy coffee, and read.
HISTORY: This building is the north half of the building which the Patterson Store absorbed in 1949-1950. The first structure was the frame house of an early pioneer—William Henderson. Mr. Henderson sold his house to Hugh Newell February 10, 1846. Mr. Newell added onto the house for his dry goods store. He sold the building to J. B. May and K. S. Baker May 20, 1863. The following year, they razed the house and built the present building. The building changed hands many times throughout the ensuing years. W. A. Spaythe and Hannah Brown purchased it October 19, 1908. It remained a part of the Brown family until it sold to Floyd and Alice Curran in June 1970. (The Currans owned the Alice Dress Shop across the street). September 2, 1987, the Currans sold the building to Albert and Patricia Kaminski for $128,000, already the site of their jewelry store. June 16, 1995, the Kaminski’s sold the building to Charles Weasel. Later, he sold it December 17, 2002 to James and Donna Marckel.

Turner-Crosby Shoe Store—1904-1938 @ 416
Turner-Fenstermaker—1939-1948 @ 416

Divided by a River